Resident Engagement

Community features to engage your multifamily residents

Encourage your residents to connect with neighbors, amenities, and management through in-app smart community features.

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Community benefits your residents actually want

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    Community Announcements
  • community event management
    Community Event Management
  • Amenity Reservations
    Amenity Details & Reservations
  • discussion-board
    Discussion Board
  • maintenance-requests
    Maintenance Requests
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    Local Deals
Seamless Resident Experience
Create a unified experience by bringing commonly-used community features together in a single app.
Effective Resident Communication
Reach residents right on their phones instead of dealing with ignored emails and discarded flyers.
Connected Resident Lifestyle
Help residents feel more connected to the community and neighborhood they live in.
Amenity Details & Reservations

Let residents learn more about your community's amenities, book them, and even pay deposits or usage fees through the app.

Resident awareness: Showcase your property's amenities to residents so they understand all the value available to them.

Smartphone payments: Allow residents to effortless pay for amenity reservations or event registrations right from their resident app.

Self-serve reservations: Minimize the hassle of amenity reservations by allowing residents to book amenities through the app.

Event RSVP and Payments

Increase resident engagement in community events through mobile notifications and app-based RSVP and payments.

Increased attendance: Promote your community events more effectively with mobile calendars and reminder notifications.

Effortless payments: Collect cover charges, class fees, and other payments through the resident app instead of dealing with cash.

Resident RSVPs: Plan for the right crowd by allowing residents to easily indicate if they're coming or bringing guests.

Community Announcements

Boost resident awareness of the latest community news and updates with targeted announcements and mobile notifications.

Resident awareness: Communicate directly with residents using the one thing they'll always look at—their phone.

Targeted audiences: Organize your residents so you can send messages to a specific building, floor, or other defined group.

Instant notifications: Trigger phone notifications to ensure your residents get important messages right away.

Maintenance Requests

Encourage residents to report issues early with a convenient way for them to submit requests through their smartphone.

Mobile requests: Allow residents to submit maintenance requests quickly and efficiently right from their resident app.

System integration: Have incoming maintenance requests pushed directly into your existing maintenance issue tracking software.

Instant notifications: Immediately receive incoming maintenance requests so potentially costly or hazardous issues don't wait.

Special Offers from Local Merchants

Get your residents connected with their local neighborhood with special offers from merchants near your community.

Local connections: Increase resident loyalty by helping them establish connections to local merchants in their area.

Handled for you: LittleBird's staff will manage local offers without any effort required by property management staff.

Convenience for managers: Simple digital approach eliminates the need for dealing with paper coupons in resident welcome packages.

Moderated Discussion Board

Empower your residents to post items for sale, ask for recommendations, and organize events through a convenient community board.

Personal connections: Help your residents feel like they belong to a true community by connecting them with each other.

Comment moderation: Property staff can easily delete posts and ban users, and residents can block any user they want to avoid.

Convenience: Encourage active engagement with a community board conveniently embedded in the resident app they're already using.