Multifamily Access Control

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Video intercom, smartphone access readers, Bluetooth/NFC, guest management, visitor access, keyless entry, and self-guided tours—all in one place!

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Powerful features that make all the difference for property staff, residents, and guests

Experience the safety and convenience of a modern access control platform featuring visitor & guest management and mobile credentials
  • Smart Access Readers
    Smart Access Readers
  • Yellow flower intercom
    12-Inch Touchscreen
  • 10-Inch Screen with Keypad
    10-Inch Screen with Keypad
  • Smartphone credentials
    Smartphone credentials
  • Video Intercom Calls
    Video Intercom Calls
  • Guest Management
    Guest Management
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Smartphone Access
Let visitors access doors and gates on your property using their smartphone, reducing the need for keys and fobs
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Visitor Management
Use a high-tech video intercom system that lets you see who's asking you to open the community gates.
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Safety & Security
Discourage unwanted guests through integrated access control, video intercom, and visitor management.
Visitor Management
Increase safety with a robust set of resident tools

Video Intercom: Let residents know exactly who's requesting gate entry with a one-way video intercom feature.

Delivery Convenience: Adapt to the ever-growing use of delivery services by allowing convenient, one-time property access.

Support for non-smartphones: Allow residents without smartphones to use traditional voice calls with visitors at the gate.

Guest Management
Allow residents to securely manage both property and unit access for guests

Phone-based access: Empower residents to send gate and door codes by text message — eliminating the need to hand off keys or fobs. 

Scheduled access: Let residents configure when guests have access (and immediately remove that access when no longer needed). 

Increased security: Provide convenient tools that minimize unsafe workarounds (such as propping gates open for visitors).

Integrated Home Access
An all-in-one solution that controls access from the property gate to the resident's front door

Keyless entry: Allow your residents to use their phones to access their front door instead of traditional keys or fobs. 

Convenience: Remotely grant scheduled access to vacant units for cleaners, painters, or other providers when residents move out.

Guest access: Empower residents to grant full-time or scheduled access to their homes for friends, family, and other guests.

Smartphone Credentials
Bring your property into the future with resident mobile credentials 

Resident appeal: Set your property apart as a modern and forward-looking community by embracing mobile-friendly access. 

Increased security: Use phones as access credentials to eliminate unauthorized key copying and card or fob handoffs. 

Cost savings: Save money by eliminating keys, cards, and fobs by using the one thing residents always have with them — their smartphone.